Today's my son's birthday. He picked out 1 thing that wasn't spongebob. He chose a spiderman cake at the last minute. My FIL went in earlier this week and tried to order him a cake as a surprise. I guess my son made quite the impression because they remembered him. Boy am I glad, their specialty cakes are really cool (and tasty) but they are HUGE. Last time we couldn't even finish half of it.

It's a family tradition that we have all our birthday parties at the park and do other outdoor stuff. But today it's raining. When I told my son, I expected to hear whinning and disappointment. Instead I heard "it's ok, maybe we can go tomorrow"

I asked him if he got any bigger today. he said in an annoyed voice "no mommy I haven't had my cake yet!" Me: "So you can't grow up until you have cake?" Him: Yes