OMG! I just wrote a really big reply and canceled it by mistake!! Stupid fancy technology. I hate it sometimes!

Anyway, I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I got tired of typing after I wrote out that other reply, LOL! I am very happy that both of you are loving Shea Moisture! All this product love is contagious. I was thinking about getting the holding mist, too, Sunshine! You are making me want it now that you love it so much! And I'm glad you got your routine to work again, CCE! I LOVE tons of layers in the winter, but it does funny things to my hair in the summer. So, I went out to Walgreens the other day and picked up the Moisture Retention shampoo and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I didn't use the shampoo yet, but a family member with a sensitive scalp like mine tried it and said they loved it. Supposedly, it was nice and tingly and cleansing on their scalp, but it felt moisturizing and creamy and rich, too. Not sure how I'm gonna react to it. My scalp is WAY sensitive. I don't know if the Japanese honeysuckle extract (or whatever the heck that extract is) is one I'm sensitive to, or if it will be too stripping, which also makes me itchy. I will report back on Tuesday when I do try it out. But, I just want to stop here for a minute to say that I did try the smoothie, and it was FANTASTIC. Like, seriously. It doesn't get much better than this!! I did my normal routine -- wash, condition, icequeen in the shower, scrunch out RO and scrunch in LI, scrunch in gel (it was FSG this time, which was definitely different than the LA Looks NutraCurl I've been using lately), and plop for about and hour and a half. I then pixie diffused for 10-ish minutes, mixed some LOOB and the SM smoothie in my hand, scrunched some of that in, and pixie diffused some more. I thought it was looking pretty good, and a family member told me my hair looked really curly. Okay, that was good! My hair was SO SOFT, though, that it was almost unbelievable. I have INSANELY dry hair that literally drinks up moisture like it's nobody's business. It's insane. But, my hair felt great -- so soft, as a matter if fact, that the curl fell out a little, and it was looking a little flat by the end of the day. So, I pineappled and went to bed. I woke up, scrunched some water into my hair, scrunched it some Aussie Aussome Volume Mousse and some of the Smoothie, and I pixie diffused until it was dry. And my hair is still soft. And I didn't even put any extra conditioner in. Usually my hair is a wreck if I don't do that on the 2nd day. It's a little frizzy, but I was sweating a lot today, and I diffused a bit too long. This stuff is AWESOME. And it's going to make an awesome curl cream in winter! Goodness, I love it. SO glad I bought it. I hope the shampoo is just as awesome!!

Edit: LOL, I just re-read that, and it was TOTALLY not short! Ha ha! Once I got going, I couldn't stop!! Thanks to all the advice and encouragement I got from everyone!! And thanks for the smoothie rec, MC and Swtndspcy!! You guys all rock.
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