Unfortunately, like a lot of wavies, mine are pretty weak and without product I can't get wave formation. I'm trying to cut down a bit and see if that helps. I definitely don't go too crazy with buying products (no money!!!) but I think it's more than possible to be CG on a limited budget.
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^^I definitely agree.

To Peaches095, some people out there do become product junkies, but I just can't afford that (not to mention it gets cluttery and materialistic and is downright unnecessary!). What I say is do your research--a LOT of research--before you fork over the money to buy anything--including the products that you already buy! Don't be an apathetic consumer!

Before I went CG earlier this summer--and no, I didn't fork over the money even for the book and movie, I just became well-versed on this website!--I had been spending SO much money over the course of a long time, going from product to product, trying to find something that would work for me. I had no idea that my hair wasn't getting any better (and in fact was getting worse) because of all the nasty chemicals that I was pumping into it.

Then once I decided to go "CG" (basically in my book, no sulfates, silicones, short-chain alcohols, or parabens, and heat-free drying using plopping and duck clips) I researched a lot and read tons of product reviews of curlies with my same type of hair (fine 3a/2c). Then I narrowed it down to 3 basic styling products (I've since tacked on 3 more) that I rotate out, as well as 3 different conditioners and 1 shampoo. Then, instead of buying right away on curlmart (which, honestly, can get way too expensive), I shopped around and actually found three of the four shampoo/conditioners at my local Super Supplements for CHEAP. I ended up buying the stylers on curlmart, but found a coupon online for 20% off. I think that ultimately you just have to be a smart shopper.

And honestly it was worth every penny. My hair has never been healthier or happier. Plus what's great is that I'm finding that with these good quality, healthy products, I end up needing less each time, so they last a lot longer than a lot of non-CG products. A lot more bang for your buck than "over the counter" non-CG things like Pantene, Garnier, TIGI, Herbal Essences, what have you. (Plus, while I have not had success with them myself when I tried them in the past, many other CG curlies do swear by things like VO5 and Suave Coconut conditioner, which are both super cheap and available right at the drugstore!)

Is it worth it? I think so. My hair is so soft, so clean, so frizz-free, so light, so healthy, so CURLY...not to mention the natural color is restored, which had been artificially darkened by no-no products that I was using...honestly it's just like the adorable perfect hair on three-year-olds. As another CG curlie said on a different thread, it's "sex-ready hair" haha. This whole CG thing might seem frivolous and hyped-up, but honestly the science backs it up and, at least for me, my before- and after-hair prove it.

Anyway, long story short, you can go CG and stay within a budget. I think that your hair will thank you in the long run, like mine did.
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