Most formaldehyde free treatments still have in a very small amount of formaldehyde or a different aldehyde which wud make it a little unsafe for someone breastfeeding but not other ppl.
Organix is one that is completely free but from experience it did nothing for me. But my hair is very resistant so you can still try it. $15 in cvs which is good.
You can do somethin I did for new years when I new I would be drinking. If you have a lot of milk, pump a lot the day before and save it. Use that instead after u do ur hair. Pump the milk u make after the treatment for that day and discard of it. Seeing formaldahyde is probably worse for a child than alcohol maybe you should do it for 2 days. If you don't make a lot of milk like me u may have to use formula if u run out.
Sadly aldehydes are one of the main ingredients in keratin but they dont tell you. It is need to bind the keratin to hair and keep it there for the couple months. Therefore there cant be a true aldehyde free brand. No worries, its in most other cosmetics, especially make up. If you have a good make up or nail polish that doesnt fade quickly thats probably why. The one in keratin is more gassy and gets into your bloodstream easily thats what the fuss is about.

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