about a month ago i gave up on CG, which i had been doing for like 3 months. it was not doing much for me. so i went back to shampoos which always worked fine for me in my opinion.
but now i got a trim yesterday and my 3a/3b thin-medium thickness hair is now shoulder length.
i have waaay too much natural volume and poof and my curls are not that defined. so i am considering going back to the CG method, especially since my hair needs extra taming since it is so short and big now.
but i have always used garnier fructis leave in conditioning cream, which has amodimethicone in it. idk if this is a bad cone though. also i want to try out chi silk infusion which i know is not CG.
also i wash my hair everyday.
will CG not have any affect on my hair if i stop using shampoo, but use stylers with silicones in them? is there any point in even doing CG if i continue using non CG stylers? even if i shower and cowash everyday?
could i pull this off if i shampood with regular shampoo once a week to clarify?
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It wouldn't technically be cg - but the thing we are all striving for is good hair and if a different routine/products other than being strict cg works for you then go for it. You could try a heavier leave in as that would help weight down your volume.
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