Or is it just me? I don't do a ton of online shopping all the time, but this shipping just seemed a little much to me. I went to their site, have the 8oz Creme Brulee and 8oz Hemp Buttercream in my cart, and shipping to VA comes up $7.90. Had more in my cart before, the 16oz Brulee,8oz Buttercream, and 4oz pomade and shipping was almost $14. I contacted the owner over etsy and she replied:

"The website has been keeping us very busy and we haven't had the time to re-stock the most popular products on etsy. $13 in shipping for $50 of items is about what it costs us to ship, and is well below the shipping rate of other online retailers. We use flat rate shipping and also factor in the cost of materials depending on the size of the item. Feel free to send a message if you have any other questions."

This is my 1st time trying to order from them, just wanted to know if this price for shipping was normal for them, could have sworn thier flat rate shipping was $2.50. And maybe im spoiled by Aveyou, but shipping for just those items seems high to me. Sorry for the novel ladies, just wanted others who have ordered from them to chime in, I really want to try their stuff but the shipping is kind of yuck.
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I just looked at my order from June 28 and my shipping for 8oz creme brulee and 8oz hempseed buttercream was $6.98. If im not mistaken it is coming from CA so I imagine that is compareable to other companies.
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