first ill just say that i have 3b thin-medium thickness, shoulder length curls.
early this year i tried CG for maybe 3 months and I never saw any real improvement. my hair was pretty much the same. it felt the same too.
but the thing is, my hair has never been dry. it never looked or felt dry. it was always soft and nice. i have always had good curly hair, there was some frizz and poof, but thats normal. i even shampooed everyday! all my life i never used anything but leave in conditioner with a cone in it to style, up until this year and my hair was still nice. i rarely had to get haircuts also, until heat damaged my hair.
but now my hair is soo short and it poofs out more since i have layers, i have the same amount of frizz as always. im considering trying CG again but now i dont know if i should even bother. with the right non CG products my hair could have like no frizz or poof. and if it didnt work for me before (and i gave it a lot of time as i said) then i dont think it will work again. i was even strict CG before. since my hair was never dry or that bad then should i even bother trying CG again?
basically, i think my hair is fine with sulfates and cones! but im not sure. i just dont wanna go through all the stress i went through last time just to see that CG does nothing for my hair again!