It seems like there's a lot of grandmothers here causing a lot of insecurity. Pretty much the second Madame C.J. Walker invented relaxers there was no "excuse" for curly kinky hair. I'm from the Caribbean and the stupid anglophilia is so unbearable from my family because those people are so far removed from being black and like to fantasize that they're Spanish just because they speak it. Out of her five grandchildren I'm the only grandchild my grandmother has with super curly hair. I wouldn't say it's kinky, but compared to my cousin's long, wavy blonde hair it's pretty wild. I adore it and can't stop staring at it all day long, but my grandmother despises it and tells everyone I'm the only grandchild with "bad hair". It drives me flipping insane.

The thing that gets me is that my white friends adore my hair and ooh and aah over it, but my grandmother who gave me this hair (and has even kinkier hair than mine) can't stand to even look at it.

I can't say it enough how much it infuriates how easily black people learn to hair themselves.