One little trick I use is to gently pull my hair back into a low, loose ponytail until I arrive at work or my destination. If three twists of the band is tight than I only do 2. I live in the city so I do a lot of walking (and I work just off a river with insane wind gusts). Unless I'm walking miles, this technique keeps my hair from being plastered to my face and somewhat controls the destruction of the wind. It's obviously not a miracle solution but it helps. If my hair is still wet when I leave the house it doesn't work though because I'll get a dent from the ponytail holder. For some reason this technique also works well when it's super humid out. It's like the ponytail holds the poof in! A scrunchie would be best for this but I could never walk around town with one in

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2's+3a/ med density/ normal-high porosity/ fine-med texture, normal elasticity (I think!):
Wash: CJ Daily Fix/Giovanni TTTT
Conditioner: Giovanni TTT
LI: Giovanni DLI, AO Mandarin Magic- Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum for dry, sensitive scalp
Stylers: AG Re:coil, Mop C Curl Cream, CCClite, Spiral Solutions FHG...Sealing w/ Coconut oil
Finishing product: JC Nourish & Shine, MD Strawberry Smoothie