+1 on the scrunchie! LOL!! I can't bring myself to wearing them even for pineappling! They do have cute ones at American Apparel!!haha
Haha I know...I recently started wearing one around the house and to exercise (at the house) and I almost feel embarrassed even when I'm by myself! Although mortifying, they really do help to prevent dents or snags, LOL.
2's+3a/ med density/ normal-high porosity/ fine-med texture, normal elasticity (I think!):
Wash: CJ Daily Fix/Giovanni TTTT
Conditioner: Giovanni TTT
LI: Giovanni DLI, AO Mandarin Magic- Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum for dry, sensitive scalp
Stylers: AG Re:coil, Mop C Curl Cream, CCClite, Spiral Solutions FHG...Sealing w/ Coconut oil
Finishing product: JC Nourish & Shine, MD Strawberry Smoothie