Just purchashad the curling souffle a couple of days ago and I was very excited about the anticipated results of my wash and go but boy was I wrong. First off the consistency is very slimey, almost like jello that hasnt completely set. Once you get over the weird texture of the product then its on to deal with the oily, sticky, film like feeling on your hands and hair. So after being partially turned off by the aforementioned characteristics is placed the product in my hair. Now let me say that I just did my BC a month ago so I have about 3-4 inches of hair on my head. After applying the product to my hair 9 hours later my hair was still wet. Not only was my hair still wet the product started dripping down my neck like a jerry curl activator and becuase of the agave it left my neck and hands feeling very sticky. This product was a total disappointment for me.