I straightened my hair once last year for something different, but I really didn't think it looked that good and have decided not to do it much anymore, and ever since people will say offhand to me, "You looked really good with straight hair," or "You should straighten your hair again." Today someone even said to me "Straighten your hair." They don't understand why I get so offended.
But I take it very personally, and to me it implies that they don't think I look good with curly hair, which makes me mad. It's MY hair, this is how I CHOOSE to wear it, because it looks best ON ME. I feel like it was clear that my hair didn't look that good straightened; it wasn't convincing, it just looked fake and not like me. And yet, people are so conditioned by the media and by what the majority of people have that they all still believe that is beautiful. It's absurd. People don't use their eyes. Or their brains. I believe that I have curly hair for a reason, just like your eye color compliments your skin tone, my hair is supposed to flatter the shape of my face.
Does anyone feel the same way? I really just can't stand it!
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Luckily, I've never had people tell me my hair looks better straightened, in fact the opposite. When I relaxed my hair (big mistake) a few years ago, straight away people were saying 'oh no, what have you done, where have your curls gone?' I totally understand your frustration though. It is rude and uncalled for when people offend you in this way. The best thing to say the next time someone suggests you 'straighten your hair' is to respond 'well actually, your hair would look much better curly, like mine! Why don't you get the curling tongs out?' They might then think twice before they open their mouths next time.
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