I went to a family reunion in Ga last month. I had been natural for about 1 week. I didn't tell anyone on my dads side that I BC'd I just showed up with my TWA. My dad looks at me and says "you cut your hair?" I said "yep I'm going natural" he says "what does that mean?" I said "no more perms for me!" He says "so you just gonna walk around with your hair nappy?"

I was at church a couple of days ago and a friend asked me if I was going to get dreads. I said "no, I wonder why people keep asking me that?" She says "well isn't that the reason people go natural?" I was too confused because it was approx 7 women in the room, 3 of us natural, none of us had dreads. So how she came to that conclusion is beyond me...
Whew so glad I got somewhere to vent. Lol Thanks ladies!!

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