I tried co washing but it didnt work for me as I apply oil to my hair an hour or two before washing and the conditioner didn't wash it off.. And I tried without the oil but my scalp was too dry so I've been using a sulphate free shampoo for a while now.. But usually after my hair dries a bit I just comb it off so I've noticed the ringlets!!!
But I was advices here not to do so n I tried it n wow it looks sooo good.. A few even complimented me I'm flattered.. But I didn't use any products to hold it so it might frizz out in sometime n I want to prevent it the next time so please please suggest me some gel or mousse or I don't now what n also to add some more shine to it..wow I love my hair.. Please suggest some body shop items as they are the only non silicone or low silicone products available near where I live