I read in another thread here something to that effect. Last week, I had bought a travel-size tube of it to try, because my beloved LA Looks Curl Look Gel has sadly been discontinued. No wonder I was having a really hard time finding it lately. Anyway, I do like the Sports version, but now I'm afraid to use it again. I'm not about to give up coloring my hair yet. I was just about to buy a big bottle of the Sports gel too. Anyone here who colors their hair and uses the LA Looks Sports Gel - what are your experiences with this about it affecting color? I need to know really soon, as I'm just about out of my bottle of the Curl Look gel, and still on the travel size tube of the Sports gel. I'd really like to stick to LA Looks if I can since one can get at the drugstore. I have to go cheap with my hair stylers, seriously.