I bought a jar of this over the weekend but haven't really tried it yet. I did, however, immediately get an idea of the consistency of this stuff. At first it seems just like jello........that hasn't quite finished setting. I did have to "punch" my finger through it initially and then scoop the product out with my finger. The product is oily for sure. The little that I did scoop out on the end of my finger, I applied to a single clump/ringlet and I got immedate and great definition, I have to say. Since it has been ridiculously humid lately, I didn't bother to really try using this on my entire head. I'm thinking this may be a better product to use in the drier months of Fall/Winter when the extra oils can be beneficial. In general, my hair likes oils, its just a matter of HOW MUCH!!!!! Like KCCC, this may be one of those finicky products.