Always wanted curly hair, but wore my hair very short for over 40 years.

When I was a teen, we used blow dryers, curling irons, rollers (yes we slept on rollers) to style hair - never let it air dry. I do remember that I never liked my bangs cause they were squiggly, so I always wore them back or grew them out.

2 years ago my hair was about earlobe length, I got a curly perm and let my hair grow out over these 2 years. About a month ago, I had about 6 inches cut off and my hair is wavy, wavy with curls at the ends. I'm thinking that maybe the curls are still part of the perm, but no other perm I ever had ever lasted for 2 years.

What do you think?

BTW, there is a photo of my at about 5 years old and I have curly curly hair cut in a bob. I always thought my sister permed my hair, but I'm not so sure. Every time she heard me say this she would laugh. She passed away 2 years ago, so I can't ask her if it was true. This past year I saw my 42 year old daughter with wet hair and it was curly! I didn't know she had curly hair either.