So I'm getting a haircut tomorrow and I've really been wanting to do something like this:
But I'm not sure what it will be like growing out the sides. I have 3B hair and I'm afraid it will be... afro-like when I do grow it out. Has anyone gone really sort, or even buzzed like that? If so could you tell me what it was like growing it out?
Thank you! xoxo
Originally Posted by MoriahAshley
I'm 3b, too, and many years ago as a way of avoiding dealing with my curly hair I used wear a pretty short haircut -- but not buzzed like she has in the photo. (My cut was a lot like how Janine Turner's hair looked in the old Northern Exposure tv show, just to give you an idea). Although my hair wasn't the same cut as what you're thinking of getting, I can say that at the length it was, it was never a fro. And perhaps that helps answer your question a little because the shortest my hair ever was is the length that your hair will be at some point when it's growing out. It'll curl more as it grows, but the kind of 3b curls you already have. Or at least that was my experience.

HTH. And good luck with the haircut tomorrow. Post pics!
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