Wow! Thanks for posting pics! Your pixie cuts look gorgeous. Very inspiring.

I just can't wash and style my hair every day like I used to now that I have a toddler. I'm looking for something short, stylish and fast. I'm hoping that I can have something with bangs, so I may end up doing a little straightening around the front. I also think I need to go to the BEST stylist possible when I go short . . . hmm.

I used to have a pixie in my early 20s and loved it, got one again in mid-20s and loved it, but now that I'm in mid (or late!) 30s I'm a bit more timid. More wrinkles and such! I think for me, wearing eyeliner and dressing cooler will be key to pulling off a short cut.

OP, did you do the cut?
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