Who doesn't like tacos? How?
Of course, let me establish what I mean by tacos: two soft corn tortillas, tender meat or fish filling or delicious vegetables like charred squash and corn, topped with minced onions and cilantro, and radishes if available. Salsa verde, or salsa de aguate (the thin avocado and salsa verde hybrid) as necessary condiment; salsa roja (of whatever variation) moreso for meaty fillings. Guacamole in small amounts is a nice bonus. Queso fresco for vegetable ones and for meats like cecina and maybe chicken; I prefer my other meat fillings free of cheese. Sour cream for gringo-fied, chef-fy tacos or vegetarian ---- it shall not touch traditional meat fillings.

I recently got some fish tacos on the island and what I dreaded was true --- flour tortillas. No, just no. Save those for burritos, fajitas, breakfast tacos, and other Tex-Mex staples or for tacos arabes and flautas. I'm not even going to get into the mayo-laden slaw on them. It should have been sour cream at least.

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