Bad news, I AM somewhat red. Reddish-brown-coppery-auburn to be exact, achieved by mixing 3 shades of the Revlon Colorsilk.
No, the CVS store here DOESN'T have the turquoise Curl Look gel any more, just one bottle of the newer version so far, and of course the Sports version. I did try the Sports version and liked it. I don't wash my hair every day, or reapply gel every day, only when I wash, which is maybe only every few days. Will the Sports gel still ruin my red due to the glycerin in it? I DON'T want to have to special-order stuff online, or have to go all the way out to Sally Beauty supply for something(it's rather inconvenient for me to get there very often at all). I prefer to get something very cheap at a neighborhood drugstore in the city myself, or Bed Bath and Beyond when I get there(they do have really good prices on certain drugstore stuff).