Wow Pedaheh, that's pretty stunning either way. (And that is a killer look you're giving the camera). It would also be really gorgeous if you sort of combined the two - smooth on top (I love how it has that little "sweep" back from the hairline!) and just bendy on the ends (barely scrunch).

Your hair is as fine and soft as my sister's. I got to "wavy her up" with protein FSG and ArcAngel when she was here last month. Her hair has a very delicate wave pattern too. (See - not wavy imposter, "delicate wave pattern!" It's all how you frame it). It was very cute. She was surprised. I was squealing over the little waves that appeared. Her 7 year old came over and said to her mom, "Hi curly!"

If my hair dries "naked" it still waves and curls, but much less defined and tends to fly around. Sometimes it's cute (if I do say so myself) big waves with curly ends and goofy half-spirals or huge clumps. Products really give us the definition and clumps. I think soooo many wavies never discover their waves because waves can be so delicate people just don't recognize them and that those little bends and flips and twists actually mean something.

Wavy imposter/delicate waves. I like the latter. I'm such a wavy evangelist.