Yeah, I'm totally incapable of just looking natural in a picture. My choices are uncomfortable looking or pretend model[/QUOTE]

I love this...but I cant quite pull of the model look..too many sleepless nights with my rats, uh I mean adorable kids
I had really thick curly hair as a child, then because diabetic, dry brittle hair, it never quite recovered, seemed to want to be straight, so I went with it.
but it never was straight, just puffy not straight not wavy...ugh then I found NC.com and devacurl and my happiness begun!
recovering from a chemically straightened nightmare!!
Going back to my roots (literally!) CG since Aug 2011
Fine, Thin, damaged, very porous, some elasticity.
Cleanse:no poo
Condish: one condition
Style: Angel, B'leave in
DT:Heaven in Hair!
Spritz and Condish!!
MY NEW HG: FSG and bent root clips with HESMEU hairspray flexible hold