My sister insisted she didn't have waves (even though her hair used to make little spirals in humidity in front of her ears) until I showed her the magic that is FSG. Need an "Extreme Makeover, Wavy Edition" where we go around on a big bus, helping people discover and learn to care for their waves (with cheap products, of course). Well, then we'd have to market our own products, wouldn't we.
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My daughters hair does the spiral thing in front of her ears and all along her hair line, but I can't seem to get anything else out of her hair. I have tried scrunching it with gel, will FSG yield different results?

I have to say that I never believed that my hair could get this wavy/whirly, so now I will go with "delicate wave pattern" and pray that it stays this way always. I used to be a 1b, and now, 2 a/b so happy!
Stopped fighting the pregnancy induced waves (9 year battle) and became natural 5/11
2a/b? fine, low porosity
co wash- say yes to carrots, strawberries and cream Vo5
low poo- Lor'eal ever pure
leave in- burt bees very volumizing watered down
gel- beautiful curls wavy-curly, LA looks sport
scrunch and pump works for me