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some girls here told me about pvp and carbomer gluing the hairs together so i gave that up. i REALLY want to try wash and go's and get them to look good. right now i'm twisting and doing twist outs my hair looks scraggly and i'm thinking a good wash and go routine will help my hair thrive....

so i don't care about hold per se. i can see a super tight curl pattern in my hair, some places there's no definitive curl pattern. i'm ok with both. i also feel like i'm low porosity (product can easily just sit on my hair) and that my individual hair strands are fine (but i have many). here's a pic of my hair the last time i tried to wash and go. i live in a climate that is mostly humid and hot but in the winters we can get in the 40's - 50's but it's not freezing usually. what i want is for my hair to be moist to the touch, fluffy, thick from root to tip (not scraggly at the ends like it can be when i do two strand twists). i also want my hair to not be wet, dripping or white.

it seems i might have been using too much product when i had unsuccessful wash and go attempts before. i can modify that. i also am so torn about gels. i recently ordered the original moxie oasis moisture gel. it's liquidy. i'll try it. i also talked to a girl who swore by they ouidad rake and shake technique. i'm willing to try that method for distributing product through my hair for the wash and go but it seems the ouidad products might be a little risky because they are heavy cone and some folks said over time their hair got hard.

oh this is the forecast for my hair/area. poor girl, look at her face!




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anyway, what i was wondering is, given what i want from my look from a wash and go, would a pomade such as the oyin burnt sugar pomade or the berries pomade work over a leave in instead of a gel? how do y'all think it would work for me to rake and shake a leave in through my hair (light application) then scrunch in the pomade on the ends to seal, protect and maybe give weight so it doesn't draw up? any feedback would be appreciated!!!
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