Hey girls, I realise this thread is a while old now but I've only just come across it. I'm a long time DIY bkt'er and I've always used qod products. I started out with qod max, then qod gold and just recently I tried the organiq version. My initial impression is that it is much milder than the other formulations, my curl pattern has only changed very slightly (if at all) although the usual frizz reduction is there which is great With qod max and gold I found my 3C curls dropped to 2C whereas with this there really is very little change. I've not spoken to anyone else at all so far that has used organiq, but I'd be interested to hear about other people's experiences.

A bit of background on my bkt technique to put my results into context:

I apply every 4 weeks on my routes only, and every 9 weeks on my whole head. (I seem to revert really quickly - I swim a lot so maybe that's why?)

I use organix range shampoos and conditioners and just plain olive oil as a hair mask every now and then. I dye my naturally dark hair a light auburn so it needs all the moisture it can get.

I use GHD straighteners which are ceramic and don't go to the full 450 degrees, but I try and compensate by doing 20 passes on each section of hair (takes aaaaaaages!)

Below is a pic of my natural curl, and then also what it is usually like after using qod max/gold. I haven't taken a pic yet of what it's like this time but I'll update you when I do

BananaMac x