So I let it air dry for a half hour. Then I divide it into six sections. I blow dry with a large round brush. That usually takes 45 min to 1 hr. My hair is 3b and 3a mix. chest length. I sleep in a bun at night and can make these results last for 3-5 days depending on the weather. I live in a really dry climate now but I used to live in Louisiana and still could get a good 3 days. The trick is to sleep in a bun with 4 bobbypins at night right smack on the top of your head. And ALWAYS use a heat protectant spray. I use John Frieda.(: PS when my hair was too short for bobbypins I put it in a half pony with a scrunchie on top of my head. Worked every time. I love my curls but my curly routine (every two day wash, every day rewetting) takes much longer and uses way more product.(mousse and gel girl) Oh the IRONY!!!! (: