I agree with the TV aspect! I think the big media watch dogs are keeping a close eye on who's buying what. Products that are made for Black/Ethnic hair sales are decline. I think they're trying to place more curly/coiled/kinky hair ladies in commercials to up the sales in big Black Hair Care brands like Creme of Nature that didn't exactly make products that cater to natural hair at first. I think the media is trying to milk the system of the new wave of women going natural. With celebs all of a sudden showing their natural locks and promoting hair care brands, it's easier to influence mainstream society of women to go natural. I also think the abundance of hair products geared towards textured hair would cause someone to at least think about going natural when they walk down the ethnic hair care isle in Target. I see it though old brands like Organic Root Stimulator, Pink hair lotion, S curl, Blue Magic, Dax, etc all sit on the shelve and drug stores don't even restock on these products often because of declining sales. Relaxer boxes sit on the shelves untouched in neat rows. I think companies are jumping on the natural hair care wagon because that's where money is being invested in right now in the Black hair care industry. I think it does benefits women of color fad or not because there's more information and products available for women to have healthier hair. Smaller black hair brands I think would eventually suffer once "natural" hair products become readily available to women in local beauty supply stores/drug stores. Brands that have been established and rooted and well known probably would survive like Carol's Daughters.
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Nope. I don't think so.

There will always be a market for indie businesses. If you look at what the big brands are offering, it's the same thing as always, just dressed up for curly hair (e.g., black woman with an afro on bottle). There is nothing different they are doing except not using mineral oil (maybe) and not putting silicones (again, maybe).

I can bet that Darcy's, Oyin, QB and all the other afro type brands will still get business. There is something that indie businesses offer that big companies cannot.

Curly hair products from big companies have been around. We use these brands all the time, just some folks are now getting to notice.
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I agree with you I didn't say Independent brands won't survive. I meant bigger business would try to put them out of business. If they make similar products mirroring the smaller brands (like what Sally's did to Mixed Chicks). and lower the price, a lot of people would opt to buy. There will always be people starting their own business and getting customers appreciating their brand. I know growing up, there weren't brands like Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie's and Curls. I do think with more independently owned products for textured tresses plays. huge role in why more women now are leaning towards transitioning or wearing their hair in it's natural state.
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