anyway, what i was wondering is, given what i want from my look from a wash and go, would a pomade such as the oyin burnt sugar pomade or the berries pomade work over a leave in instead of a gel? how do y'all think it would work for me to rake and shake a leave in through my hair (light application) then scrunch in the pomade on the ends to seal, protect and maybe give weight so it doesn't draw up? any feedback would be appreciated!!!
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I never rake cause I will loose way too much hair I just smooth product in and shake when done. If I have places that are too clumped then I will go in and separate them. I just used Oyin BSP over BFN CB and it didn't give me as much weight as a gel would but my hair was really soft. Pomades never give my hair the elongation that many gels do. HTH

My hair with BFN CB + Oyin BSP
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