first off, you are adorable! your hair looks good!! and your makeup too.

okay what is the bfn cb? i think i could deal with a little less elongation for soft hair. gel just gives me too crispy hair. how do you like how your hair looks with the oyin bsp vs. the gel? do you have a comparison pic?

also, i think you're right about maybe not raking but smoothing. i was looking at cynthiarf's youtube videos for advice on wash n go styling and she basically said the same thing you said and in one of the videos she shows how she smoothed in the product and didn't rake.
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Thanks! its bejia flor natural's creme brulee. Right now I am really liking the no gel look. My hair is fine and not dense. When I dont use gel I get denser looking hair which is what I'm into right now. Yes Cyntiarf is one of my sensis, love her! I tried raking but omg the breakage was ridic, smoothing gets the job done on my hair and it also helps it clump IMO.

Hair with gel
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OMG my hair wets when water touches it!

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