Thank you! I used Suave naturals Coconut conditioner as a co-wash and Garnier Fructis Fortifying cream conditioner as a rinse out and then also as a leave in. Coated with a lot of Dep Sport Gel. Defined curls with finger twirls (I forget what they call that). I used a diffuser until almost dry and air dried the rest. When dry, I used a cotton shirt to "scrunch out the crunch".

I am still looking for the best products for me. Like I said, I have DevaCurl trial on order, but full sizes are pricey so I am looking at other options too. I have a list of products that I wrote down from other posts that I want to try. Still fighting with bangs that won't curl, but I guess that might be a while. For now, I'm just trying to cover them with hair that does curl.