I agree with you I didn't say Independent brands won't survive. I meant bigger business would try to put them out of business. If they make similar products mirroring the smaller brands (like what Sally's did to Mixed Chicks). and lower the price, a lot of people would opt to buy. There will always be people starting their own business and getting customers appreciating their brand. I know growing up, there weren't brands like Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie's and Curls. I do think with more independently owned products for textured tresses plays. huge role in why more women now are leaning towards transitioning or wearing their hair in it's natural state.
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Big companies are always trying to oust smaller ones. That's not new. It's happening now in the indie body and hair care industry.

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I know like The Body Shop has a couple of their products selling at Sephora now because they aren't selling on their own.
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