My hair is not very dense either and I was starting to hate wash & gos because my hair would be super clumped in some areas, and stringy in others. By the time I was done separating my hair, I lost a lot of definition and it was frizzy. I was wondering when you don't use gel, how long does your wash & go typically last?

I haven't stopped using gel completely, but I am using half of what I used to. Today I am going to not use any at all and see what happens. *fingers crossed*
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I'm on day 2 right now here's how it looks Random Pieces of Me • Day 2 LI+Pomade hair
I can usually get 3days out of a condish only WnG but by day 3 its a fro and that's only if I'm taking care of it at night lol. Its no where what my gel wng's are but I like em. Good luck w/ urs
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OMG my hair wets when water touches it!