LOL I remember back in middle school before I discovered the flat iron, I used to be terrible at styling my curly hair and as a result I would put tons of gel into my hair and wouldn't scrunch out the crunch so I would have super helmet hair!

I remember kids would grab my hair and say why isn't your hair normal? WHY IS IT SO HARD EWWW GROSS. I mean yes I understand I sucked at styling my hair- but give me a break! LOL

I don't really get any annoying comments now... Then again once I return to college who knows how all of my friends will react to my newly curly hair 0.0 a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance
2B/2C hair!

Shampoo: GTTT, SheaMoisture
Condish Tresemme naturals, GFTN
DT: Lustrasilk + honey
Styling products: Ouidad CC, TIGI Catwalk, KCCC, PaulMitchell Sculpting Foam
Oils: Coconut