Kerapremium has an added ingredient which is Argan Oil. Argan oil is really good. Helps hydrate the hair.

QOD MAX OrganiQ or Gold OrganiQ formulas cant really be compared to the Original formulas. The original formulas would give a more straighter effect due to the formaldehyde. But in reality Keratin treatments are not to straighten the hair. Its to reduce the frizz so with that its reducing the volume and also to leave the hair shinny , soft and easy to manage. OrganiQ will still give a straight effect but I will be honest and say that not as much as the original formulas. Now, OrganiQ is heat activated and progressive, meaning with just a little of blow dry and your hair will be straight and will not curl during humid days, also is proigressive in the way that , as you re apply the treatment the better the hair will get.
Now if some of you still want products with aldehyde 2% I still have one called nano keratin. But I really suggest everyone starting to transition because aldehyde and formaldehyde are being banned soon. In Europe is completly banned.

Hope this helps! Any questions email me as well.