I have bra strap length 3a/2c medium to course hair. It takes me 30min most if the times.... 20 min to blowdry and 10 min to flat iron. I section my hair into 6 sections and use a metal round brush and one of those ionic tourmaline dryers. I use Revlon 1875 dryer and it cuts down on drying time and frizz plus is much quieter than previous dryers. Anyways, I can usually get my hair looking reasonably straight this way but with lots of body and some minor frizz. Then after, I might go over with a flat iron on the same sections. One steady swipe on the mid to high heat is enough to smooth my hair nicely. I use "it's a ten" leave in product for heat protectant. I love that stuff and I think it's been working well on CG. It seems to be not building up yet.

These days I am using a lower heat styling approach. I occasionally will either blowdry only and on day two my hair is smoother after sleeping on it OR I'll air dry my curls and then use a flat iron.

After straightening my hair lasts a good 4 days with barely any maintenance other than to finger comb here and there.

Sometimes I find going straight is way easier than leaving my hair curly unfortunately. When I go curly I end up spending lots if time fiddling and obsessing with my hair each day to get it how I like it that I end up spending longer on my hair over the course of the same amount of days.

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