I'm glad I found this post (even though I'm super late) because I was talking about this the other day. A LOT of girls see a few other girls and say "wow! your hair is so soft and curly. it's so beautiful... I wonder if mine will come out like that!" and they go on this journey for all the wrong reasons. That's why they become miserable because they see that their hair texture and/or curl type didn't meet their expectations.

If you're going to become natural, at least in my opinion, it's not just a physical change, it's also an emotional one. I wanted to go natural around this time last year, but I was just throwing myself into it. It didn't feel natural (no pun intended). It wasn't until this pass June when I looked in the mirror and didn't like what I saw and I knew right then and there I was ready to become natural for all the right reasons. Not to have bouncy curly "soft" hair or to do wash 'n' go's but to have HEALTHY THICK hair that I once had.

Granted, the curls (or curl typing) are a plus. I'm transitioning at the moment (3 months post) and I want to know my curl type but it's not my main focus. Again, I see a lot of girls transitioning and they're only a month in and they want to know their texture or curl type RIGHT AWAY. They're so focused on typing their "curls" that might not even exist. If you don't have these expectations for your hair, you wouldn't be so disappointed when it comes out completely different later on.

But hey, everyone is different. Everyone has a different motive when it comes to certain things.