I entered the store, which is a store that also sells wigs and extensions, the sales person comes to greet me and says:
- Wow! That a lot of hair you've got there.

-Yeah! I hear that's a lot. (and I pause as I wait for the next comment)

-It is really all... out there, isn't it?

-Yeah... ( I pause and run my eyes around the store)

- How do you manage that?

- Managing...

- I once had a wig like that... people liked it.

- Ok.

-Did you ever straighten it with I flat iron?

- Yeah.

- Does it get straight?

- Yes, it does.

- Wow... It might take like... two days to do it, right?

- No... a couple hours.

- Ahhnn...

- Excuse me, Iet me see if you carry something I am looking for.

Ufff.... and I was so happy with my hair that day. Why people are so mean?
I do have a hard time dealing with my hair volume... it's a lot, and it's the only thing it won't change. Sometimes I feel hopeless. Sorry...I needed to vent too.