"Sam, would you like to borrow my straightener?"
"Don't ever use a normal comb in her hair again! From now on, use a metal one!" <--said by hair salon owner (didn't really like the comment...no one asked the guy working on my hair to attempt combing the whole full thing (or huge bits of it) with a small toothed comb or with any comb for that matter, with as much as he tried combing...the comb broke in my hair x_X)
"Pineapple head," <--said by school bully in sixth grade.
"You should like totally get your hair relaxed like you used to."
"Suure your hair's curly..." <--- I mentioned that my hair's naturally curly, I had gotten it relaxed and like that's just the first thing before a rude comment and I was like, "MY HAIR'S BEEN RELAXED! BUT MY NATURAL HAIR IS CURLY!!" By the way, I quit relaxing my hair and I'm like 8 months in now.