Curl Pattern: 3a. Sometimes 2 in the very front (probably from combing curls loose..) Annoying s'wavy piece above each ear (doesn't blend in either, grr. ).
Texture: All, mainly fine. I have multicolored hair, I've noticed the darker strands seem to be corse. But the blond strands are fine.
Porosity: Mixed? I'm confused with it because it absorbs a lot of product/water. It dries quickly one day and slowly the next. I tried to color it 2 years ago, it wouldn't absorb the color. And on the water test, it floats. But when I rub up a strand its basically smooth, but it squeaks?
Density: Mixed? There's a lot in the back, so medium/high. But in the front, I would says it medium, possibly low..
Elasticity: I'm not sure.
Characteristics: No noticeable root curl in the front. Easy to straighten in the front, not as easy in the back, still straightens well overall; it gets wavy throughout the day after I straighten it though. Can brush my curls into waves (Over compulsive comber, trying to backoff it though). When I sleep on it, I wake up and some parts are curly, others are wavy. Becomes frizzy easy.

CG/ModCG/not CG: Not CG, yet.

Hair ingredient likes: Silk Amino Acids, Aloe, Shea, Coconut Oil, Sea Kelp.
Hair ingredient dislikes: I don't know.

Hard/Soft Water: Soft.

HG/Go-to Products: SheaMoisture: Curl Enhancing Smoothie (<3), Ouidad: Botanical Boost, It's a 10: LI (Works good for me *sometimes*), SheaMoisture: Deep Treatment Masque (<3), Aussie: Hair Insurance LI, CJ: Coffee-coco Curl Creme Lite.

Average climate/dew points: Right now, it's averaging 47 dew point. I don't think my hair likes this..

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos:

Favorite styling techniques and why: Plopping (seems less frizzy) and Air Drying.
Techniques that didnít work and why:

Hair Twins: