Hello all!!! Im a newbie to NC and rolling along with my transition. Im not sure if the date of my last relaxer is really considered the time i started my transition but I'm going to go along with it any way! I decided to go natural when I found out I was getting deployed, which I thought would be perfect since I know there was going to be a salon any type of salon on the camp I'd be at.

My last relaxer was in December 2010, and for the majority of the time since then I've had protective styles. I recently bought a wig (a cheapy hair store one much to my own disapproval, whic i have learned from already but im working with it) to help me really learn how to care for and nurture my hair. My first relaxer was at 3yo due to being the flower girl in my mom's wedding and her not knowing what to really do with my hair. Any who, since I bought the wig I'm beginning to see that my hair actually is pretty curly and I keep my hair braided underneath. I think I'm doing ok with trying to find prodcuts that my hair agrees with, but it seems my biggest problem is moisture. It's like no matter what I do or use, my hair still feels like a brillo pad .
I'm getting so frustrated b/c I feel like everything I do is pointless. I've gone from ORS olive oil condish (which i still love) to kckt, shea moisture, aphogee, evoo, and other prodcuts i have taking over my bathroom.

Has anyone else had this problem during their transition? In the back of my mind I want the "creamy crack" again, but I've already come to far to turn back (and have spent enough money that can't be returned!!! lol). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)