Anywhere from 1-2 hours, I think?

I start with soaking-wet hair. Divide hair into 4 basic sections, then work on 1 section at a time, dividing into smaller pieces. Keep all other hair clipped up away from the section I'm working on.

Spray on water if section begins to dry; I'm 3b and the more curl that sets in, the worse the end result. I HAVE to keep the sections very wet to keep the curl pattern loose while straightening.

Spray on heat protectant, then use my blowdryer with comb attachment. Blow until partially dry, then I stop and put some sort of moisturizer on the section....whether oil or cream, etc. THEN continue blowing until dry and straight.

After I do this, all I have to do is run a flatiron lightly (depending on how straight my hair is post-blowout) and quickly, in sections. Because the blowout with comb attachment already got my roots and most of it straight. I can get it straighter than most salons this way.

At night or around the house, I wrap my hair around my head (its very long and dense so I can't do it very well)....making a very deep part over one ear and brushing it as flat as I can around my entire head, esp the front hairline. Whatever I can't wrap, I comb down into a loose pigtail.Then put on a secure silk/satin scarf over it all.

Doing the above, in low humidity conditions, my hair will last a month, literally. People tend to ballyhoo my method, but I feel that its far less damaging than flatironing my hair every single day. At most, I might need to touch up my hairline only, probably once a week if even that.
The only time I pay attention to not-quite-straight roots is if they're visible.....i.e., I don't even bother to get my nape bone straight as long as it's straight enough to blend with the rest. I am 3b, very fine but also thick and dense.

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