Well ladies, it turns out I won't be trying this stuff for awhile. I sent her an etsy convo today about shipping and she said my stuff shipped to some random place in Washington state on last tuesday! Ummm, I live on the east coast. She said she sent it to the address on my paypal account, not my current location. Huh??? I told her in no way, on my receipt or anywhere, was any address even close to the one she said she sent my items to. She offered to resend the items or issue me a full refund and even though I was beyond super excited to try her products, probably more than any line in recent memory, I decided to just get the refund because I was just irritated by the whole thing. She was overall friendly in her correspondence, so I may give her another shot down the road, I don't know for sure, but it will be awhile and definitely only through a sale.
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Oooooh wow! I sent her an email today but I haven't got a reply yet.