Not sure if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread - but just a little mention in the product description if it contains wheat/gluten! There are at least a few of us who have celiac disease on the forums that I know of, and it would make it so much easier for us to find good products that wont make us ill if we accidentally ingest a little bit As it is we spend hours pouring through ingredient labels that I am sure are written in klingon.
Super wavy and wurly curly! Fiii,fairly non-porous, inelastic
Colorado Curly - low dew points & low humidity!
Organix Cherry Ginseng and DevaCurl low poo/condish
KCKT leave in, Naturelle Gel
Joimist or Aussie Sprunch Spray


My hair likes IAgirls PT!
I have celiac disease - no wheat please!