My hair is past my shoulder shoulders, sort of between shoulders and apl, almost apl? I posted a pic in the 3cs board but oh well, I guess I can post it again, right?

I use shampoo maybe twice a week (sometimes with sulfates), I choose by scent and then I apply regular conditioner and leave it in. That's it. No secrets here!
I use an organic conditioner, but I'm not afraid of silicones.
My hair used to never grow that much either until I started to follow this routine.
A lot of people have different routines, but it all breaks down to keeping your hair, especially your ends healthy and moisturized. I never get a trim because I don't have split ends (no it's no joke and it's not genetics). I had a bob cut in 2009. The longest layer was between chin and shoulder pulled straight, so pretty short. Don't be discouraged girls. Everyone can do it!

Take Care