I haven't been to the hair boards in months so I had no idea that they changed the formula for SCC. I'm really bummed about this. I had given up on Curls - none of their products ever worked for me. I ended up getting two free bottles of SCC from a friend (she works for a fashion magazine and got them for free), and I've been using it exclusively for several months. I was really looking forward to buying it after I ran out, but it looks like a completely different product now. Has anyone tried it yet?
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I tried the new stuff 2-3 times. I guess as far as how it works it was the same. I just can't stand the new scent (it's like the Curls Ecstasy Asian Hair Tea Conditioner). Plus there's a cone in if it you're totally CG. I loved the old scent and ended up selling mine on the Swap Board because of that.
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