Has anyone noticed the decline in the amount of relaxers on the shelves of stores?
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I wish I could say I have but nope. Maybe it's cuz nobody's buying them as much that they're there but I doubt it. All I know is that I was in the black hair store (run by white folks lol) yesterday and a whole row was dedicated to just them. There was also a lot of women with broken off, over-relaxed hair heading for the weave section, sending glares while I whished my natural twist out. I just laughed to my bff and KIM
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I agree weave sales have increased. I haven't been in a black beauty supply store in years so I'm not shocked if they keep relaxers heavily stocked. In drug stores there's usually 2-4 on the shelves every time I go.
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I've noticed that in my local drug stores as well. Then again I do live in a predominately white area so that may have something to do with it as well...I mean why keep stocking if the little that were selling are not anymore? As far as the local BSS the shelves are ALWAYS full of relaxers but everytime I go in (which is about once sometimes twice a month...I do have to stock up on my raw shea butter yall! Lol) I never see anyone buying any.

I do however see the lace fronts, wigs, quick weaves and extensions moving like hot cakes & its always women with broken, thin and damaged hair buying it all. I'm sooooo glad I'm over the perms because I feel so bad seeing peoples scalps bc of relaxer damage all the damn time!
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