Spring, it really is!

Here's a question for you guys: They made a HUGE deal before the show on how we in the audience were the first (700) people to see the NEW ballroom. Because I've been to the show, I could see the changes. Other than the new and improved staircase and the rising band stage, could you see the changes?
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Didn't they add another layer of seats? Then made the floor larger and more the shape of a typical ballroom? Those were the changes we thought were there - otherwise, different lighting a bit but we couldn't tell much else.

I already don't want most of the cast to go! Whether that's for the dancer or the star can vary though.

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You got it: a new, raised dance floor and a new, double layer balcony, which goes around three sides instead of new. I guess all the lights flashing are new, but I don't know if that would be obvious. Oh, and there is also a humongous new mirror ball hanging over the dance floor, which I'm pretty sure was mentioned last night. Looked to me to be 20 feet across. I thought it might drop down lower to the floor, but if it does, they didn't do that on Monday.

I think the right one went home last night, though I can't even think of his name right now. Although it looks like he may have turned out to be quite the character, right now, I'm more interested in other competitors.
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