the chilli recipe is really easy and you can add what ever you like.

in a large pot, add oil (your choice), onion, grean peppers, garlic and if you like spice jalepeno peppers. add a can of kidney beans, chick beans, black beans, white beans (what ever beans you like), a can of tomatoes, chilli powder, oregeno, salt and pepper. I eyeball everthing, taste, and add my spices and herbs until i like the taste. i let it simmer on low for a couple hours so flavors can fuse. After just serve it up like you would regular chilli

As for the lasagna. I cook up my spinach in a dab of oil. you can use fresh or frozen, but if you use frozen it has to be drained throughly of all excess water. add garlic, itailain seasonings adn put to theside. I do the same wiht the mushrooms adn use what ever ones you like or a mix of two three or four. I have my lasangna sheets cooks and cooled down so you can handle them. for a regular size pan you will need about 9. spoon some of your favorite pasta sauce on the bottom, a layer of pasta, risotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, provolone( or mozerella). repeat. on the top layer of pasta pour the remaider of you sauce on it and top with fresh mozerella (that fresh mozerella gives it a little something extra) and fresh parsley. Bake in over @ 375 unitl bubbling brown.

These recipes (i wouldn't even call them recipes) you can play wiht them anyway you like. Add what ever veggies you like, waht ever sauces you like. you can go wild and have fun. they are really hard to screw up. for both you can use chesse to cover up any funky taste. you can also use non-vegan chesses (provolone, mozerela, ect) or vegan chesses (I am not vegan, so i dont know how this chesses would compare w/ the real deal)

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