Jeep, that sounds so good! Wish I could wiggle my nose and have that on my plate for dinner tonight.

Last night instead of wraps we had BBQ because DH saw this guy selling some in front of a store on the way home and once he mentioned it we were both craving BBQ. Well, it wasn't what we wanted (pulled pork) and what we did get wasn't all that great, but was worth a shot to try it! Wish I could place an order with the neighbor, that was so good I'm spoiled now.

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The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.